• Volunteering

The project has several small bedrooms and a separate kitchen/common area for volunteers who choose to live at the farm. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available, including assisting in the classrooms, teaching English, working in the greenhouses, and helping with the construction of new buildings. There is a lot of flexibility for volunteers to design their own projects at the farm; any help is appreciated and they are open to whatever skills and expertise volunteers can offer. They are also flexible regarding schedule and level of commitment, which allows for plenty of time to tour Cusco and travel throughout Peru and Latin America.

Spanish Language Classes and Home-stay Opportunities

Cusco is a city with a well established history of tourism and there are several Spanish Language schools as well as programs for linking foreigners up with with local host families. I don't know any of these programs well enough to endorse them here, but Oscar and Pilar would be able to assist in coordinating either or both.