• Projects

When the project started in 2000, it began as a farm and community center with some of the largest greenhouses in all of South America. The vegetables grown in the greenhouses are used to feed the students, full time employees, volunteers and local residents while they are assisting with projects or helping with cleaning or cooking. When there is a surplus of vegetables or flowers, they are sold at a stand down in Cusco.

The original concept of the greenhouse portion of Almeria Solidaria was to provide intensive six-week long classes to adult groups from neighboring communities, teaching them everything from ground up construction of the greenhouses, to planting, cultivation, marketing, and finally, reinvestment of the profits into the community as well as towards the maintenance of the greenhouses. In some cases, the greenhouse course qualifies for high school or college credits. When this side of the project was fully functioning, Almeria provided seed money to the communities who had completed the full course and helped with the initial construction and organization of these greenhouse community co-ops.

Unfortunately, this side of the project has been neglected in recent years due to lack of funding. Some of the greenhouses are in need of repair and the amount of groups they are able to bring in per year has gone down.