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The children's school provides classes 5 days a week from 8am to 2pm, to approximately 250 children ranging from ages 3 to 12. There are currently 9 teachers teaching 9 separate classes, with students remaining in one class for an entire school year. The classes are offered free of charge, however, the parents or guardian of each student are expected to assist with the daily chores at the project, including cooking, cleaning, and construction of new classrooms, greenhouses, etc.

I can't speak to the content of the classes or curriculum, but I toured many schools in the area (outside the city of Cusco), and Almeria is definitely several steps ahead as far as cleanliness, quality of books and supplies, and organization goes.

They also offer a computer class which is taught in a designated room with approximately 10 computers. To give some perspective, the majority of the rural schools in the area did not have a single electrical appliance in the entire school.

Their teachers appear to be well trained and many of them bring experience from other regions of the country. As of the last update of this website, all of the teachers are native Peruvians, however, the project has had a handful of foreign teachers, mainly coming from Spain. The teachers are paid by the state and do not rely on donations to the project for their salaries. Volunteers would be able to come in as teacher assistants and potentially as teachers depending on experience and their grasp of the language. More on volunteering.